Excellent Montessori Program

Casa program - 21/2 to 6 Years

Our school is devoted to helping each child grow toward independence by building confidence, competence, self-esteem and respect for others. More than an approach to education, Montessori is an approach to life. The program at Golden Orchard Montessori School, both in philosophy and pedagogy, is based on the scientific research work of Dr. Maria Montessori. The School respects children as self -directed individuals and fosters their growth toward independence and social responsibility, while creating a joyful, diverse and family -oriented community.

The Program is based on five basic areas of learning.

Practical Life exercises instil care for self, for others, and for the environment. Through these activities children develop muscular coordination, enabling movement and the exploration of their surroundings. Practical life exercises are designed to help the child gain independence, self confidence, coordination, concentration and a sense of order. They also play an important role in the development of fine motor skills. This area provides the foundation for all other areas of the classroom.

Sensorial materials are referred to as 'materialized abstractions' and they serve as tools for development. They are designed to isolate and refine the senses. The child learns the skills of discrimination, observation, reasoning and decision making which helps them to master their environment. The incremental differences in the materials are mathematically based and provide the foundation for more complex mathematical concepts.

Language development is vital to human existence. The exercises provide rich spoken language, through conversations, stories and poetry. Sandpaper letters help children link sound and symbol effortlessly, allowing the children to become fully literate. The language materials help enrich their vocabulary, enhancing self expression and developing reading and writing skills.

Mathematics materials help children learn and under-stand mathematical concepts by manipulating concrete materials. This work gives the children a solid understanding of basic mathematical principles, prepares them for abstract reasoning, and helps to develop problem-solving capabilities.

Geography - The children explore the world's geography, countries, people and customs through materials such as puzzle maps, flags, land and water forms and books.

Music and Art -Music and singing are an integral part of the Montessori curriculum. Art is embodied throughout the curriculum as the children paint, draw and experiment with various extensions of the Montessori materials.

French -French is taught in an informal, conversational manner. Vocabulary and grammar are introduced by way of materials, music, movement, storytelling and general conversation.